collect my art

You can collect my work either by commisioning me to make something specially for you or by buying something you’ve seen here on the website.

Blessing the Brine









‘Blessing the Brine’, (museum collection) oil on canvas

If you’re interested in buying art through either of the routes above, then please contact me directly so we can discuss your interests. This way I can (for instance) send you scans/photos by email for further clarification without any obligation to make a purchase.

les petites danseusesmorning_dance_studio









(Above left) ‘Les Petites Danseuses’ (private collection) oil on canvas with stencilled text 80x60cm approx (Above right) ‘Morning in the Dance Studio’ (private collection) acrylic paint on canvas 80x60cm approx

Pricing: typically a smallish drawing or watercolour (up to about A3 and with a mount) would be around £350 – depending on the complexity of the subject. Works on canvas (oils or acrylics) start at £400 for something around 50x40cm.

(These price guides include postal cost for the highly-dependable special delivery service.)

choir commission

▲ ‘The Choir’ (private collection) acrylic paint on canvas with stencilled on score & figures 60x50cm approx

Nicholas Ferenczy. 01270 619319


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