Anglesey art

Anglesey art – Anglesey is a little hidden gem of an isle off the north coast of the Welsh mainland (Wales) in the British Isles. Many of these paintings and drawings were made during frequent stays over on Anglesey. As with all the other images on this site, even if the original is sold, I can and often have made newer versions that stand alone from the original and which are as successful. (Respectfully: included under this heading there may be some images that are not based in Anglesey but on subjects from the Welsh mainland – usually north Wales – included here just to keep things tidy!)

watercolour Anglesey beach







‘Rough Seas, Stony Cove, Anglesey’ watercolour 2016 (private collection) (There is also an acrylic version of this subject on canvas, also in a private collection.)

anglesey art







‘RAF Valley from Silver Bay, Anglesey’ aka ‘The Watch Tower’ (private collection) gouache on paper 2012 (click on for larger version)

‘Menai Bridge, Summer (private collection) oil on canvas 2021

‘After the Rain: Rhoscolyn’ (private collection)  acrylic on canvas (based on coloured pencil drawing from 2017)



Anglesey Art







‘Sea Cat Helicopter on Search and Rescue Exercise’ (private collection) watercolour over pencil (with some body colour) on Arches paper 2011 (click on for larger version)


‘View over the Marsh at Rhoscolyn’ (private collection)
newsprint collage and acrylic paint on canvas (round 2017)








‘Flyers #1 2 Kites, 3 Jets over Snowdonia’ (private collection) watercolour on paper 2011 (click on for larger version)